Why Dynamo Delay Spray


Why Dynamo Delay Spray


 Research shows that 70% of men are experiencing premature ejaculation at least once during their life. Among the 70%, 20% of the men who have a regular premature ejaculation and they fall into age range from 18-60 years of age.

What is the help available for people with premature ejaculation? The treatment option is very expensive and the procedures involve, may make you to never try sex anytime soon. When every man was wandering, what to do, the Dynamo Delay Spray was introduced into the market. You may call it as ‘sex spray’.


The Dynamo Delay Spray is made out of 13% concentration of lidocaine. Lidocaine is a local anesthetic agent, which means they help to numb a certain area. The spraying of the spray on the penis, desensitize your penis and reduces the feeling of the penis. What can you achieve from this spray? This spray increases the time reaches to bring an orgasm. In addition, this spray can prolong the time taken for the ejaculation to happen. Moreover, the hypersensitivity of the penis also reduced before an intercourse. In other words, this spray gives you longer and pleasurable sex for both - you and your partner.


Is this spray accessible to everyone? Yes, anybody can get it. This is an over the counter medication, hence, there is no need for a prescription. However, there might be a question inside your mind, is it safe? It is the only FDA approved spray and it is highly safe to use and clinically tested before releasing into the market. Moreover, this spray is cheap and easy to use.


Dynamo Delay Spray is very easy to use product. You can apply this spray on the head and the shaft region of the penis before an intercourse. You may use 3 or more sprays, but it is limited to 10 sprays per day. After sex, you may wash it off in order to return to the normal. 

Why is Dynamo Delay Spray effective? This is because this spray works in a second, but its effect last for an hour. This makes it the most special and highly used product in the market.

As a whole, Dynamo Delay Spray is fast, effective and gives everlasting pleasure for both men and women. This spray directly increases the self-confident of men in the relationship and as well as on the bed.