Premature Ejaculation (PE) Solution




Premature Ejaculation is unbridled ejaculation shortly after sexual penetration or even before it. It ends with the minimal sexual arousal and before the person wishes. Premature ejaculation is the most frequent sexual problem of the men under 40.


Solutions to premature ejaculation

The most usual solutions to PE include topical anesthetics, behavioral techniques and counseling. Topical anesthetics are gaining popularity now a days for their promising effects. The best of these topical anesthetics is Dynamo Delay spray that would be mentioned at the end of article.


Behavioral techniques

In cases, solution to PE may count in simple steps such as masturbating an hour or two prior to intercourse so that ejaculation during sex may be delayed. Your doctor may also recommend to use various foreplay methods so that pressure during sexual encounters is released.


The squeezing technique

Your doctor may recommend you the squeezing technique which involve following steps:

·         Start sexual intercourse including stimulation of the penis until you are ready to ejaculate.

Ask your partner to squeeze your penis at the point where head joins the shaft. Squeezing should be continued until the desire to ejaculate passes.

·         After releasing the squeeze wait for some time and continue foreplay. At times this squeezing process may cause your penis to be less erect. But it regain its full erection on resuming the stimulation

Repeating this process again and again may allow you to delay your ejaculation.

After you have mastered this technique you become habitual of delaying ejaculation unconsciously.


Kegel exercise

Ever stopped urine when it is still flowing? It is your pubococcygeus muscle doing that. Contracting this muscle for 10 seconds and then releasing with breaks between repetitions define kegel exercise.

Clenching the PC muscle when you are close to orgasm helps you slow orgasm down. 


Stop and start method

It is a solo exercise and is widely used as a solution to premature ejaculation. You begin this by masturbating alone bringing yourself close to orgasm and then stopping. Practicing this technique several times help you learn where your no return point is. After you think you have mastered this technique engage with your partner and stop just before ejaculating.


Dynamo Delay Spray

This is the best solution as it requires no exertion. It is an OTC medicine used for the treatment of PE as it slows down the onset of orgasm. This Dynamo Delay spray causes temporary numbing sensations that initiates in minutes and lasts for several hours increasing the stamina, endurance and pleasure absent prescription.

It is used for:

·         Non-permanent desensitization of male genetalia and is known to delay the onset of orgasm

·         Increasing the endurance and sexual pleasure until the ejaculation.

The good thing to know about dynamo delay spray is that it features FDA complaint formula and is clinically tested.